The choice to adopt is one that is seemingly easy to make at first and for many couples who cannot have a child of their own adoption is the obvious choice. What isn’t obvious for those stepping into the world of adoption is just how many options there are out there. When immersing yourself into the process it can seem overwhelming. What you may not know is that there are many options when choosing adoption and these can come with varying costs.


Adoption agencies are probably the first thing you think of when you think “adoption”. This sort of agency is common in the United States and domestic adoptions. These agencies will try to find a family for a native born infant. Adoption agencies can funded through public or private means, private agencies will sometimes have more restrictions that other more public institutions.

The typical cost for this sort of adoption can range from $20,000 to $40,000.


Private adoption is another common method to adopting a baby born in the United States. In private adoptions the prospective or adoptive parents would locate a birth mother themselves. This usually takes place with the help of legal counsel. Private adoptions account for about half of all adoptions in the U.S. Adoptive parents can locate a birth mother through a variety of ways including social media, advertisements in newspapers or other media and even through personal webpages. Arrangements will vary by both the adoptive parents and the birth mother with specifics usually outlined by a lawyer.

The typical cost for this sort of adoption average around $35,000. Costs associated with this form of adoption include legal fees and medical expenses.


International adoption through countries such as Vietnam, China, Africa or Latin America is perhaps the third most common method of adoption for parents based in the United States. The adoptive parents will also be required to travel to the country where the child is. Special consideration may need to be implemented when adopting internationally, children from under-developed countries will have their own set of challenges and consultation with a doctor is often encouraged.

The typical cost for this sort of adoption range from $25,000 to $50,000 with costs varying based on governmental requirements as well as travel to and from the country of adoption.


In the United States there are over 50,000 children in the foster care system. Sometimes referred to as children in waiting many of them are available for adoption from the public system. Adoptions through foster care will be handled by the public system or the state system. For those wishing to go through the foster system you can either apply directly to the foster program as a potential adoptee or you can foster a child first, then go through the adoption process. In a foster adoption process the birth parent’s usually have their rights terminated on adoption.

It should be noted that children in the foster system are usually older, infants may not be available for adoption within foster care however this method can be one of the more economical ways to adopt.

The typical cost for this sort of adoption range from $0to $3,000 in expenses, some of these fees can be reimbursed through federal plans and you may even qualify for a federal tax credit.