A shower for an adopted baby can be a great way to celebrate your family and the fact that is it growing! It can also be a way to break the announcement to those in your life who may not have been aware you were pursuing adoption.

Depending on your comfort level you can hold it anytime from your acceptance as an active family, your referral to a birth mother or even once the entire process has been finalized. For those looking to expand their family adoption can be just as exciting as a normal birth. Celebrating adoption with a baby shower should be with the same attention as a regular baby shower.

Some details that should be understood when planning an adoption baby shower include:

  • Timing – if you’re planning a baby shower for an adopted child it is important to understand that there can always be delays in the adoption journey. With that being said it is probably best to wait until after the adoption is finalized. This avoids a lot of complications and potential hurt feeling should something not go as planned or the adoption is delayed.

    Also, it may also be worth considering giving the adoptive parents some time to get to know their new child. If you’re outside the family and planning the shower, talk to the family, find out what is best for them!

  • Invitations – it may be a good idea to include the age of the child in the invitations since an adopted baby shower may not always involve a “traditional” infant. It may be thoughtful to include the child’s birth date or name as well. Depending on the adoptive mother you may want to be choosy with the announcements, avoid any invitations that mention labor or pregnancy. If a couple is infertile these may be sensitive issues.
  • Choose a Theme – themes for adoption baby showers can be the same as any other baby shower. If you’re adopting internationally you can even choose a cultural baby theme to accompany the new family member. You can also discuss themes or colors with the adoptive mother, perhaps there have already been colors chosen for a nursery or if the child is older, perhaps they know the favorite color.

    Alternatively if the adoption is of an older child you can always opt for a “Welcome Home” or “Welcome to the Family” part instead of a traditional shower.  If you need more ideas for a baby shower, you can visit our friends at Just Baked Baby Shower Ideas.

  • Games – games can be a fun and exciting part of any baby shower.
  • Snacks & Food – snacks and food should be age appropriate if the child is eating solid food, these snack can also follow the overall theme of the shower itself, if you’re celebrating an international adoption you may want to introduce some food from the culture you’ve adopted from.
  • Gifts – remember, baby showers are as much for the parents as they are for the new family member. Gifts tailored to the parents can go a long way in showing your support for their adoption. Gifts should also be age appropriate and depending on the child, whether he/she is a baby or infant those supplies will vary as well.

Ultimately the addition of a child is a wonderful event no matter by birth or adoption, it is a meaningful time for both the child and parents and should be recognized as a celebration. A baby shower is the perfect way to show your support as well as welcome the new family member!